The Gourmet Homebuyer and their Kitchen Must Haves


From the Great British Bake Off to Celebrity Masterchef, the media surrounds us with the message that cooking is for everyone and food is much more than the source of daily nutrition; it’s an opportunity to create, experiment and excite.

Cooking has become much more than a chore at the end of a busy day.  It’s a hobby, a vocation, an opportunity to try something new and an occasion to show off. And with more and more homebuyers now looking to their new kitchen as an environment where they can further their skills and wow their friends, it’s up to kitchen specifiers to raise the bar and offer increasingly sophisticated integrated equipment.

So, what are the kitchen must haves for the gourmet buyer?  Here are just a few of the options that our clients put into the kitchens on their developments.

  1. Induction hob.  Offering all the controllability of gas without the need for a gas supply or intrusive gas rings on the work surface, an induction hob is a discreet, smooth surface that’s flush with the worktop when it’s switched off and a source of instant heat the moment it’s in use.
  2. Steam oven. Not only is a steam oven perfect for making bread and moist cakes, it often has a self-clean function, taking the effort out of keeping a kitchen squeaky clean.
  3. Hot water tap. Just image a world where you didn’t have to wait for the kettle to boil. You don’t have to imagine it if you have a hot water tap because you have instant boiling water on demand whenever you need it, along with one less thing on your work surface.
  4. Integrated microwave. Even the most dedicated gourmet just wants to heat a tin of beans or re-heat some leftovers sometimes and an integrated microwave is the ideal way to bring microwave cooking into the home without taking up work surface space.
  5. Integrated fridge freezer. The American style monster fridge may have been an aspirational item once upon a time, but we’ve moved on and realised that no-one really needs to store that much perishable food, especially if they live in a one-bedroom apartment! With an integrated fridge freezer it’s so much easier for the kitchen area to blend in with the rest of the living space, helping buyers entertain while still providing plenty of space for beer, ice cream and all those artisan ingredients from the local deli.
Felix Clarke